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The Spectrum Singers is unique among Boston-area choral groups. We are a relatively small chorus of unpaid singers that consistently gives high-quality performances of a wide range of music.


Professionalism. The following guidelines are common sense to experienced choristers. Their aim is to help us achieve high, professional standards, as individuals and as an ensemble.

  • Expect to sing all three of the season’s concerts (plus run-outs); a minimum of two is acceptable if due to unforeseen life circumstances that you present to the Music Director, Chorus President, and, if a returning member, to the Section Leader, at the beginning of the season if possible
  • Expect to attend all rehearsals; missing two in a rehearsal cycle is acceptable; expect to sing concert music for the Music Director if you miss more than two.
  • If you have to miss a rehearsal, obtain markings from your section leader and review them on your own before they are rehearsed again.
  • Be punctual – a courtesy to all; try to arrive at rehearsals early and start warming up on your own.
  • Inform your section leader in advance if you’ll be late or if an absence is unavoidable (no more than two rehearsal absences per concert).
  • Practice your music between chorus rehearsals; attend sectional rehearsals.
  • Organize your music as soon as possible; Write your name on all pieces of music


  • Concert dress for Men: Black tux, tie and cummerbund; white shirt; black socks and black shoes
  • Concert dress for Women: Any variance could distract and detract from the musical experience.
    • All Black, including hose and shoes.  Long- or three-quarter sleeves; no low necklines.
    • Floor-length skirt or full non-form-fitting pants in solid black
    • Color scarf is provided
  • No perfume, cologne, hair spray, scented deodorant (we’re not saying not to use deodorant!).
  • Black music folder.
  • Smile (when appropriate, of course) – practice smiling while practicing; look engaged.
  • At end of performances during applause, be still, face forward, do not chat. If appropriate, look pleased!

Responsibilities and Duties:

All performing arts organizations are forced to work very hard to raise funds to support their daily operations because subscription and ticket sales cover but a small fraction of costs. The annual operating budget of The Spectrum Singers is aggressive yet attainable, but only through the fundraising efforts of every single member of the organization – plus whatever $-boost you can give us yourself. Our income directly affects the number of instrumentalists we hire, music we purchase, and marketing we can afford. Thus, we must ask the following of each member:

  • Pay annual dues ($150) by mid-October. (See Chorus Pres or Chorus Rep if in a financial crunch.)
  • Pay occasionally for new scores. (See Chorus Pres or Chorus Rep if in a financial crunch.)
  • Provide new names, addresses, emails for mailings and evites. (We promise not to use for appeals)
  • Participate pro-actively in all fundraisers; collect and/or contribute your own $$ to reach goals.
  • Sell at least $200-worth of subscriptions, plus sell at least four single tickets per concert.
  • Participate in at least one administrative role to help our all-volunteer staff.
  • Expect to re-audition in the spring. Dates appear on the fall rehearsal schedule – plan ahead –  no exceptions.


The best payback for your hard work is the knowledge that you have performed well because you’ve felt secure with the music and have furthered the overall success of the chorus by your individual support of its operations AND AESTHETIC GOALS – in other words, you make a difference!   – John W. Ehrlich, Founder and Music Director